Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beginner Crazy Quilt Class

Now that the enrollment for the course has ended, we have a list of supplies that are going to be used.

 Here's my selection. Neutral background fabrics, embroidery floss or perle cotton, bits of lace, various needles, beads and silk ribbon. Since I have lots of embroidery floss, I decided that I would like to use perle cotton for this. The only ones I had though, were size 3 and 5 and what was recommended was size 8 or 12. It took me a long time to choose these colours because there was a lot of choice (sometimes not a good thing for me.) I did have to go quite a ways to find the store to get them, though. For some reason, even though this is a big metropolitan city that I live in, there are very few needle art stores. One has to travel to the suburbs to find silk ribbon and perle cottons in colours other than beige and white.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Done and delivered

Now that these have safely arrived, I can show you what I have finished.

This is a mug rug in the middle of being made. It shows the colours a bit truer than...

this photo.

Mug rug number 2.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

More fabric and the first dress

I don't need anymore fabric but...

I could not pass up the low volume fat quarter (I think it's just gorgeous,) and the other two, the Canadian hockey player and the the fun doggy heads will be going into an eye spy quilt for one of those little boys in BC. I saw this 'disappearing ink' marker and figured I would try it out - just because. I will see how well or how poorly it works. I'm not a fan of chemicals on my fabric. One never knows what will happen to the marks down the road, in twenty, thirty or fifty years.

Some flannel - for a rag quilt and for other projects.

And, from somewhere in Oslo, here's Maili modelling the first dress I made for her. 

This one has a belt. Here's a close-up of the fabric.

Now, I've got to get back to doing something - there are so many things started...
Oh yes, I almost forgot. There was no supermoon viewing for us because there was a bit of cloud cover. My husband noticed that there were no stars to be seen either. I wanted to see if the moon was out there at all and so we took a small drive (we live among buildings and trees) and lo and behold, the moon did peek out but it was really fuzzy. Cloud cover hid it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

New dress, new quilt, new course and another quilt

Here's a new dress that I had to finish before my daughter Maili left for a two week vacation to Scandinavia.
It's the same pattern as the one I showed earlier when it was in the cutting stage. 
The fabric was a bargain, half price at Fabricland. It has a bit of spandex to it so for $7.00, Maili got a new travel dress.

I made it longer than she requested when she tried on the original dress and I think it's perfect. The neck and armholes are finished with self bias binding. This one does not have the seams finished as I found the fabric didn't seem to unravel. I wanted a photo of her wearing the first one I made but Maili said she will send one once she has arrived across the pond and has tried it on.

Here's baby quilt #2. The panel has been on the frame for a week or so and I have started quilting it but I have had to leave it for a bit to do other things. I will get back to it shortly.
This is the project that the beginners are to complete in Kathy Shaw's free Beginner Crazy Quilt Class. I have signed up and the class begins July 16th.
*****Note: Photo used with permission.
If you are at all interested, here's her web site so you can sign up. There is an intermediate class too but you cannot join it unless you have completed the beginner class. It's all free, all you have to do is supply your own fabrics and embellishments and finish the block by the end of the class.
 I don't know if anyone who reads my blog remembers this rag quilt that I made for Luc, above on the left. The boys, Luc and Patric have their own 'thrones' where they sit and watch television. The 'thrones' are apple boxes. Sturdy things, those.

It's a reversible quilt that I made before Luc was born and his mom, my daughter Laila, didn't know if she was going to have a boy or a girl.
Well, his mother has now requested a rag quilt for Patric.
Since Fabricland still has a sale on, I am planning to see what kind of flannel they have. Hopefully, something that would catch his attention like the one above.

Busy weekend ahead.
Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.
BTW, there is a supermoon tonight, if you get a chance to view it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Block of the month update

Just a little update. I'm still busy with baby things that I can't show yet.

 This is Quilt Doodle's 2014 June and July blocks.
The pattern for the skates was just for four black skates but I had to be gender equal.
The cups were just all cups but since I usually drink my tea from a mug, I decided to change the pattern a bit. Also, I didn't want them all the same colour.

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